The Ultranav Fleet


The Ultranav Group has built up a fleet of owned and long term chartered vessels which totalled 283 ships, at year end 2016

Fleet composition is diversified in terms of type and size, and adjusted on a current basis in order to meet partner’s ever changing requirements and needs.

The Ultranav core fleet


Nb. Current data is available via the websites of the respective companies.

* 13 vessels are 50% owned by Ultranav.
** Third party vessels in Pools operated by an Ultranav company.
The above data reflects the composition of the Ultranav fleet as at year end 2016.

The Ultranav fleet renewal and development program


The fleet renewal and development program which was initiated in 2009 has since its initiation sourced a steady flow of new vessels to the fleet. In consequence of which and the sale of some older units the average age of the core fleet has been reduced.

Ultranav is committed to an ongoing renewal program, which is focused on providing sustainable and economical transportation solutions to our business partners. A further 16 newbuildings will join the fleet by the end of 2018.