Chemical Tankers

Through Ultratank in Chile, Ultranav operates a fleet of 18 modern chemical carriers, fitted with stainless steel tanks. These vessels trade between and along the East and West Coasts of South America and the Caribbean, carrying a large variety of products including organic chemicals such as methanol and ethanol, as well as inorganic chemicals such as sulphuric acid and caustic soda, vegetable/animal oils, and other liquid cargoes in bulk.


Clean Petroleum Product Tankers

Ultranav is internationally active in the clean petroleum products sector through the ownership and operation of medium range or MR tankers (40,000-55,000 dwt). Its subsidiary Ultratank in Chile formed a joint venture with three other well-known and reputed international tanker owners to operate a pool of MR tankers named Clean Products Tankers Alliance (CPTA). The CPTA pool, through Ultratank, operates a fleet of around 15-20 IMO-type modern MR in the Americas transporting products such as gasoline and diesel oil.

Crude Oil Tankers 

Ultranav is active in two main crude oil sectors. Namely Panamax for vessels between 60,000 to 75,000 dwt via its participation in Panamax Internationals (PI), which is a joint venture between Ultratank and two major international ship owners based in the US and Ecuador. The group's Aframax activities for vessels ranging between 100,000 and 120,000 dwt are concentrated in the Andes Tankers pool which operates and trades dirty trading vessels in the Americas. These activities are commercially managed by Cape Tankers.


Coastal Trades 

Antares Naviera operates a modern fleet of 12 double hull crude oil and clean product tankers, providing a flexible and reliable service to the local oil companies, most of them multinationals. 


The Chilean liquid bulk market is served by Ultratank, via a fleet of around 10 vessels, including gas carriers, clean product and bunker delivery tankers and chemical carriers. 


Ultranav has an ownership stake in Naviera Transoceánica, which owns and operates a fleet of 9 tankers for the transport of crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas and chemicals along the Peruvian coast.


Ultranav, in cooperation with Cia de Navegação Norsul, has a regular service for the transport of petrochemicals, biofuels and clean products covering all main Brazilian ports. The trade employs one dedicated chemical tanker, in addition to supporting Ultratank regional fleet.